About the job

  • You will be paid very well, and better than most other sites featuring this kind of content.
  • You will work with an experienced and professional photographer in a friendly and safe environment.
  • Your time will be respected. With the exception of time spent changing clothes and signing the agreements, you will be paid for every minute you're being filmed.
  • Your limits will be respected. Nothing will occur that you haven't already agreed to in advance. No surprises!
  • You must be an attractive woman, 18-35 years old with at least 2 forms of ID (at a minimum, a state-issued driver's license or passport).
  • You must have current test results from an adult industry service like Talent Testing Service (https://TalentTestingService.com ) or Cutting Edge Testing (https://CuttingEdgeTesting.com ) showing your healthy status (no STDs).
  • You must deliver a blowjob without a condom.
  • You must swallow cum (one time only for each paid scene).
  • The video and pictures will be published on this website so you must sign standard agreements including a model release.
  • You will be paid in cash for your performance just prior to filming the scene.
  • Filming will take place at a hotel at a time and location in southern California that's convenient for you.
  • Local transportation will be provided if necessary.
  • You will be provided with my ID and current industry-standard test results from Talent Testing Service (https://TalentTestingService.com) or Cutting Edge Testing (https://CuttingEdgeTesting.com ) showing my healthy status (no STDs).
  • Experience is NOT required.
  • I'm friendly, white, clean, well-groomed, and circumcised.


  • Q: I've never done this before and I'm concerned about someone recognizing me from your website. Is that very likely?
  • A: There is a chance someone you know may see your video so you should come to terms with that before you agree to do this.

  • Q: I've never swallowed cum before and I'm worried I might gag or something. Is that a problem?
  • A: Some girls gag a little, some don't. It's really not a big deal as long as you show up to the scene mentally prepared to swallow. A little gagging won't ruin the scene as long as you don't spit or spill. Some guys are actually turned on by a little gagging as long as you do swallow. I have some tips for new models to make it easier so don't worry about it. I always drink plenty of pineapple juice before shoots, so... 😉

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